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Wellness is the new Botox.

Be Part Of The Future In Aesthetics !

Wellness Is One Of The Largest Growing Markets Within The Aesthetic Industry

Here at Doctor Wellness Academy, we offer you the skills, knowledge and products to start or expand your career in Aesthetics, Health, and Wellness.

The Doctor Wellness team is renound for quality within the UK market for IV Vitamins supplies, including NAD+, IM Booster Injections, PRP Kits, Aesthetic Products and Aesthetic Training.

We work with our partner pharmacy to insure both you and your clients receive the highest quality products within the aesthetic market at affordable prices.

Our specialist team of Doctors, Nurses, and Aesthetician trainers are committed to help you to take your clinic to the next level.

Doctor Wellness believe that the UK aesthetic industry is changing fast!​

So don’t be left behind, it is time to find out more about the seamless integration of the Wellness Market and Aesthetic Practices. Your clients want to look and feel good with range of new treatments that help them shine from the inside out.
Contact our team to find out more about our training opportunities and aesthetic and wellness product supplies for your clinic.

Where Aesthetic and Wellness Meet Innovation!

Lets embark on your journey to excellence together.

We are renowned for the quality of our IV vitamin supplies. We work with many academies training in partnership with our high-quality yet affordable products. We supply everything you need and also offer pre-packed kits.
We are also the UK’s exclusive distributor for PanDerma PRP kits and offer the gold standard of PRP training and products.
So wether you are already offering these services and just looking for a new reliable and affordable supplier, or you are just starting your journey, feel free to contact our well trained team to find out more.


We are renowned for the quality of both our product and customer services. We have partnerships with many academies and clinics across the UK, offering our high quality and affordable products.


We are MHRA approved supplier specialising in the sourcing and supply of IV drips for the UK market.


PamDerma PRP offers you high quality affordable Platlet-Rich-Plasma training and kits accross the world.


With over 30 years within industry we work with the best to bring you high quality affordable cutting-edge treatments and devices to you.


We work with a team of specialist Aesthetic and Wellness academies to bring you the gold standards of training is the UK.


Our team work to source the best new and exciting aesthetic and wellness products at affordable prices.


Our coustomer service team and specialist trainers are on hand to help you every step of your journey.


Where Aesthetic and Wellness Meet Innovation!

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